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Wheeled visible cab build 2 : Jockey + Harpy

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My contraption contribution: Now I'm gonna go take it for a spin.

topics for builds where builder puts effort also on even remote realism, and Wants to keep his cabin somewhat visible, atleast majority of windshield visibility and some of the side windows visibility

ah a man of culture    well shitttt that describes majority of my builds, even my CW build. so ima just dumb a load of my builds here for ya.

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8 hours ago, spianoforte said:

Just realised how bad that screen is lol
It is a torero, why? Are there ck for cabins, too? (except the ugly ones for sale)

screenshot-201105-113429(27 3 45).jpg

Topics title suggests that this IS only for Jockey and Harpy builds with windshield visibility. Sorry:lol:

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