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Caucasus Unaffected By Radiators and Coolers + Upgrade Options

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Hi there!

After the Founders Patch I noticed two of the upgrade options available to the Caucasus in the "Damage" section were to increase time to overheat by 10% or cooling rate by 10%. Prior to the Founders patch, people always said radiators and coolers had no effect on the Caucs but I tested them anyway to make sure and I came to the same conclusion.

After the patch, and with these new upgrade options, I thought this bears further testing. So, I equipped radiators, and then switched to coolers, and fired at the cab of the same target from the same distance in the garage with two Caucasuses. I chose the 150m Test Truck and fired from approximately 10 meters away, directly hitting the cab.

The results were "interesting..."

Radiators and coolers DEFINITELY have an effect...on the ANIMATION of the weapon icon at the bottom of the screen but that's it. Neither module had a positive OR negative effect on the weapons actual performance. Its burst fired the same length of time and the same amount of shots every time. With or without Rads and Coolers the Caucs destroyed the truck an average of approximately 7.5 seconds every time.

This spawned a couple of observations:

1. Maybe I am not performing my tests accurately enough but I would think three coolers or three radiators would have noticeable effects on the weapon's kill time.

2. I suspect it's possible the Devs don't know these modules (and by extension, the fusion upgrades) don't affect this weapon. If  they don't know, then consider this post as a bug report.

I hope it's number one, but I suspect it's number two. If it's number two then I would ask the developers to please take a look and see if these modules (and upgrades) are supposed to be working with the Caucasus and if they are then please fix them. If they aren't supposed to be working with the Caucasus then I would ask the Devs to please add viable upgrade options aside from only damage in the "Power" section of the upgrade options.

Thanks for your attention to this matter :)



Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Caucasus weapons are unaffected by radiators and coolers and upgrade bonuses
What you expected to see An improvement in performance by equipping radiators or coolers
Conditions in which error reproduce Equipped coolers/radiators and no change in performance. Only change was in the animation of weapon icon 
Problem details No change in weapon performance by equipping coolers or radiators which begs the question, why are heat and cooling upgrade options when heating and cooling do not play a role with the caucasus
Frequency of reproduction 100%
Time of bug Always
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