Storage filter suggestions.

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Im sorry if this is the wrong part of forum to suggest this but i cant figure out maybe the right area for this.


-How about adding few different filters to Storage where out parts are.

1: filter by faction from which parts were from. So one could just see in example, very easy which parts are from Lunatics. Especially for builders, and new guys  desiring a "pure" , dedicated faction only parts builds and to see the actual styles of different factions while building, without having to go back and forth between Build, and Factions to see what parts are used by specific factions. Päälle

2: filtering by Damage. As there is a few passive meles, this filter would make it very easy and fast to find all the damage making parts. Including wheels, body parts ,bumbers, and maybe also the actual weapons.

3: Speed filter, mainly for finding the fastest wheels. The less wheel takes speed off, the faster it then is.

Thank you .

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