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[OGOD] - Recruitment

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The Clan

I am setting up a place for people who are tired of their current clan and want a change in pace. The main goal of the clan is to create a chill environment for people who want to do various activities in the game. There are a lot of clans out there who get a little too serious in clan wars (CW)--who wants to stress after a day of work or school? There are no clan activity requirements, however, income from uranium is nice to have every once and a while, right? I have seen too many clans who chew out team mates for under-performing or making a mistake, but it is too easy to obtain uranium to stress out over things of this nature.


Side notes

Although there are no requirements for activity within the clan, there are preferred cw setups that are nice to have:

  • Tsunami Hover
  • Annihilator Ramp
  • Scorpion Hover

Something to keep in mind if interested in joining for the sake of clan grouping in normal PVP: Most of the people that join the clan are end game and use high power score (12k-18k) builds.

Regardless of the reason, there are no hard feelings for leaving. If you join and decide to leave just send me a heads up you are leaving and nothing more needs to be said.

Because of the open requirement nature of the clan, small groups may form within the clan that are comfortable with each other and wish to delve deeper (specialize) into certain aspects of the game such as CW and Raids. The clan is made to support those groups without pulling them away from what they enjoy doing by adding clan requirements or pressuring people into doing CW.


Whisper MechaRanger in game if interested in a reduced stress clan or contact me on discord:


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