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looking for a clan

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yeah so i'm looking for a clan


has to be top ten....... at least

every single week


today, i went out and panic bought 24 Fray Bentos steak and kidney pies


i have Scorpions and pulsars only

though i dont use the pulsars that much.


i use a hover build.


if i dont think i'm playing well, 

i'm happy to back out so that someone else can take my spot


i have  doppler, Verifier, neutrino, chameleon, cheeta, collosus and kapkan for variety

happy to play support


and what is it with toilet rolls?

its like i cant wipe my ar e now cause you wanna blow your nose


the clan must be active on mondays

and does not engage in shenanigans


also, every member must be able to speak Latin

although thats not a deal breaker.


ive had a couple of offers already, but i wasnt happy with em.


plus i'm building a you tube channel so i dont have much time to play with later in the week.


here's a couple of matches from today








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5 hours ago, IRzb said:

Willows diary 2 :o

nah, not doing diaries any more...

especially considering how the last one ended.

nice to have cleared the air though!

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