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[AMEA] Recruiting players

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Chill mentality, progressing logic.
We are an uranium farming clan playing mainly in bronze league and occasionally in silver too.
Some of the configuration we 're currently using is 2 range hovers 2 dogs or 1 porc 3 melees, but frequently we mix things up if something else works.
Most of our players have more than one cw build, but thats not something we are asking for you to have, it will just help you to match in a variety of different groups.

We need players that already know how to play their cw build well and not practice in battle. 
You need to be active in discord while playing cws.
Be smart, join AMEA!

Add me in game (vrettok) or answer in this thread to arrange your interview :biggrin:

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Hello vrettok do you still have any free slots? i was wondering could join. i have been playing the game for about two and a half years now but have never joined a clan so i thought it was about time, the build i have been playing for the past year is a 5700ps triple junkbow one fused and a colossus, i recently bought a echo cabin so my new build is around 6150-6400 depending on config or armor, my average kills per match is 2.33, i mainly play on the US servers but SEA servers are also playable

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