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Returning player looking for a clan

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So its been a long while since I played XO and for the past few weeks I've been having a pretty good time I'd say. However recently I've been in search for a clan and have been getting little luck in game so I'm coming here for it. I'll point out some small details for people that would find useful:

  • Have I ever taken part in CW? - No i have not. Its something I really want to get into however to start earning uranium with others.
  • Do I have a CW build - Again No but again its why im looking for a clan to potentially help me out in doing so. Im a decent player id say, being good with cannons and I have 15k coins waiting to be used for a CW build. Most of my stuff is rare/special equipment and I understand CW builds aren't cheap but hey, would be fun to try out.
  • Im rank 15 on firestarters and lunatics, 14 for scavengers, 13 nomads, 10 stepps, and 8 for dawn children.

Im mostly looking to have fun with others, play every so often and get a nice group but only time will tell.

IGN: IrishSuki

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if your still looking for a clan message me my gamertag is same as this header name

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