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 Hello, survivors,

     I, Yavor Kilara and my friend Kartofchence recently created a clan called "KARTOFCHENCE 777" and we are now looking for brave warriors to join us in our great journey across the Wateland! If you are looking for adventure, victorious raids and glorious clan wars, come unite forces with us and let's together forge a new chapter in the Valley's history.

     We are mainly looking for bulgarians and rushians to join us. level 30 and 10+ Power Score rquired. If you are intersted contact us by the ways bellow:

        Discord: KARTOFCHENCE#7153 or YavorKilara#6323

        E-mail: yhristov01@gmail.com

        In-game nicknames: Kartofchence, YavorKilara

We will await you.

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