WW1, 3rd branch of Band Of Brothers looking for players to kickstart the clan.

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Looking for players to kickstart a 3rd branch of Band Of Brothers, no particular CW experience needed, however, you must have a build at least functional in cw, Ex: basic cricket hover, triple executioner car, equalizer/arbiter build, basic dog, lances, so on. Looking to run people often in CW, must have a mic and be able to play on NA timeslots/servers. Players must be willing to learn, but most importantly be respectable and have fun. Our clan as a whole has many experienced people, from builders to strategists from memers to utter autists, im sure you can find a friend or two. Our other branches, WW2, focuses on earning uranium consistently using meta builds or builds to counter the meta, and WWX focusing on having fun and enjoying the game in a competitive fashion by playing off meta or unique builds in CW and seeing how they work.

Feel free to join our discord even if you aren't looking to join one of our clans, we always welcome new friends and playthings ;)

Best Of Luck!

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