WW1, branch of band of brothers, looking for EU(and US) players!

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WW1 is a clan focused on teaching people the basics of cw, and carrying players to get some uranium. We are trying to start an EU branch since we have quite a few EU players. We are looking for people who are capable of participating in cw, our minimal requirements are: at least epic weapons, mic, be able to play CW time slots(EU or US), and use discord, pretty simple right?:p: Our clan as a whole(band of brothers) has many experienced players, from builders to mathematicians and from funny people to utter autists, people in our clans are various ages, stating from 12 and ending at 60 or so, with the average being 25-30, so you for sure will find somebody to be friends with! We hope to see you join us, and wish you good luck and some fun! :014:

Keep in mind we have other branches as well. WW2, is our main, uranium earning clan, they focus on using meta builds or countering meta builds to farm uranium. As well as WWX who focus on earning uranium while having fun in CW with random/wanky builds that you dont see in the meta, as well as finding new builds to counter and change the current meta, a clan for true builders and scientists who want to change the future!

Please join our discord even if you arent planning to join the clan, we are happy to be a part of the community!

Unless we dont like you... then go away, i would say that in a much more of a flashy manner but i dont feel like getting banned for racial and other types of offences.

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