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[S4LT] Miners Needed

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The Salt Mine is seeking English speaking adults with clan wars experience to fill out our NA clan wars team.

Who We Are

We are a semi-casual group of positive minded salt miners by day, uranium farmers by night.  We have members of varying skill levels and experience who all value the same things:  growth and experience in clan wars with a positive attitude and desire to consistently improve.  We have players with experience all the way from Bronze to Diamond.  The main characteristics we are looking for are willingness to work with a team, and to maintain a positive attitude.

Clan Leader

  • Bike_Seat_Sniffe

Clan Officers

  • Biggs9989
  • Insidmal

What We're Looking For

While we welcome varying skill levels and experience, we are currently seeking players with gold experience or better to round out our teams. We will make exceptions for exceptional players who may not have played in gold but can demonstrate they are at the level.  We desire very strong situational awareness and comfortability with your primary build and a willingness to adapt to your teams playstyles.   Currently we have been playing majority of push and rush comps, however as the tides turn the meta changes so comfort with both fast paced short range play as well as long range snipe play are required.

While we do put high value in laid back and relaxed clan wars sessions, we do run statics from each clan wars session and look for improvement in all of our members, your ability to perform under pressure and work with your team enables us to have a relaxed and fun clan wars session.

We primarily are seeking NA players however we do have clan members from around the world and are open to any players with gold experience that can speak english, however do understand that once the lockdowns are over and everyone is back at work and other obligations, we will be playing primarily NA evening sessions.

If you're still reading this and are interested, please contact the clan leader or officer in game for an invitation to our discord channel so you can decide if S4LT will be a good fit.




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Recruitment is now closed, thank you for your interest - please check back for openings.

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