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[Development blog] Surtr: Secrecy, missiles and loneliness

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Greetings, survivors! Today we will tell you about a newcomer to the Wasteland — the lone firestarter Surtr. And about the parts that the fan of ash will bring with him in the next major update Crossout 0.11.40: weapons, a cabin and decoration elements.

NOTE: Parts shown in this publication are at the development stage. Final versions of parts can differ both externally and functionally.


Surtr was all alone before Crossout. The flame took away his family, and in return gave him loneliness. Soon Surtr met two friends who became his brothers. But the fire turned from a source of pain to a source of strength for Surtr.

Over time, each friend found his own way. The craving for flames led Surtr to Odegon's altar. Now he's preparing for the last battle for the Wasteland.



New parts for Firestarters

Surtr's light cabin for sudden attacks and strategic retreat. The cabin's perk will not only help you suddenly attack the enemy, but also to retreat in time together with the allies. Perhaps this is how a firestarter fights loneliness…


The size of the new rocket launcher is similar to its “sisters”: Wasp or Locust. It resembles the crafts of Lunatics — this is not surprising, given the wild temperament of representatives of the Firestarters and Lunatics factions.



Fire, destruction and heat have always been the attributes of Firestarters. Just as much as their decorations. The new bumper and headlights look fire. Or even flammable.


Where will Surtr come from in the Wasteland? How do you get his parts? What other parts will the firestarter and his friends bring? We will talk about this in future Crossout developer blogs and stories. Stay tuned about Crossout 0.11.40!


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I bet you finally decide to release legendary cabins )   BTW, nerf hover

Greetings, survivors! Today we will tell you about a newcomer to the Wasteland — the lone firestarter Surtr. And about the parts that the fan of ash will bring with him in the next major update Crosso

When we can expect new relics?  

Posted Images

Interesting but as i always have said, this game needs balance overhaul more than new parts.
Please tell me you guys are planning biggest balance overhaul.

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Ka1deron (Posted )

Yes, we are working on a number of important balance changes and we'll try to share more details asap!
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Cabin looks pretty, but i was counting for craftable version of blight...

And legendary cabins shoul have been released, at least three at same time, and has to be something neat, like tank cabin(from t55 maybe?), some hull from jet(mig maybe?), and like this from firestarters (60' alike maybe?).

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Was hoping more of a heavier cabin for the firestarters, we have the bat, cerberus, and werewolf. A cool classic would be something medium or even heavy cabin for them. Sorta like jockey but with a perk.

Chevrolet Vintage Trucks - Cab Over Engine Chev COE Truck ...

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The cabin looks awesome! I hope we get some new and cool structure parts as well, the Firestarters could use some for sure! Don't really care for another Wasp, can we get a missile launcher with one missile on a rotating platform pretty please? Maybe an incendiary one since Firestarters are the theme?

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I would like to talk about a problem that has been going on for a long time and that affects a lot of players. 
the situation is in the incursions, when we try to enter the game we get into one that has already started, even 
one that is almost going to end. For example, a lot happens to me in a steel cradle, when I enter there are 2 or 3 
players, but the problem is that they have already destroyed the first tower and sometimes they are already in the 
last one. Where am I going with this? Since they changed the reward system, which consists depending on the points 
and the participation you have in the raid (this change seemed perfect to me and not only to me but to all of us
 who really like to play, since many players They self-destruct at the beginning to wait for the raid to end 
and thus receive the same reward as everyone else. So with a new system, as I said, when entering a raid
 "already started or halfway" the reward is reduced even sometimes in half , which is very annoying, 
because apart from the poor reward they take away from us for entering an almost complete incursion. 
So I hope and no, only I, I think that many, if not all, solve this great problem that exists with
 the raids.
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The Special cabins (Including Bat) could use Perks.  In fact, all of the "Special' tier could use perks.  

Keep up the good work...

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I hope this is a craftable legendary cabin
and perhaps a power increasement after cloak, or speed increase after kill? (latter one seems more plausible, seeing the electronics parts seeing out of the window

and presumably a special rocket launcher? eh not my style, but i am intrigued.
and firestarter bumpers? nice work you guys

Btw i have to say that 8 packs focussed around the steppe wolves is not realy a great choise

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Wow, u guys really put an effort in adding new stuff like the weapon almost identical do wasps (cof cof). U could just improve the way WASPs can be attached but I bet those "new" wasps will be exactly the same, only one side to attach.

Keep up the lazy work!

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Another light cabin and wasp?  Another low level pack on the horizon...

I appreciate this game and the developers even though I strongly disagree with their constant nerfing of the
resources offered for playing.

Players like myself enjoy earning and ranking up at a faster pace, so when you slow that pace down every update you are actually creating
the desire for players to stop playing the game. That is as blunt as any person can explain what you have achieved in the past year.

Players desire more game at the same pace/rate of advancement, what you have provided is the same game at a slower pace/rate of advancement:
This is easily remedied if you face the common sense facts.

I stopped playing clan wars and gave away my top clan because the ore now being received is around 50% even with a premium account.
This is the 3rd clan I built that has quit playing due to update which lower the rewards for playing.

I have a sincere desire for this game to thrive, increase the fun via faster pace earnings.
Resore the 150ore/week capacity for all level clans

As for the details of this new cabin, Doesnt look interesting to me, 
As for the details of another rocket launcher, Doesnt look interesting to me
As for any new parts, not interesting to me

Interesting to me is new relics, seems to be the only weapons worth having in clan wars
Clan wars being made available to all players with the potential to earn the 150ore cap because the top 20 clans mostly dont even need ore as shown
by a previous post one member has 3200+ while others are still not able to earn.


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So the new rocket looks just like the wasp. But what are you doing to make it different and give it a true Firestarter identity? Is it going to have an incendiary payload that sets the target on fire and heats up parts? Perhaps a nice little napalm or white phosphorus effect?

As of now, I'm giving the benefit of doubt here and not assuming that these are just from a new pack. You did say it's a teaser for the next major update and there is much more info to come.

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Checking leaks on yutube and looks like 3 new legendary cabins ok, the question is the new heavy cabin have 12 energy and the other 2(light, medium) 13 energy??????????
 new combinations but less variety all purple cabins go to be scum and all the players go to use these 3 new legendary cabins

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I really dig the looks of that cab, its like a baja bug mixed with volks rod. Any rear end pics?


If i'd change the cab in any way, it would be total removal of the exhausts and those fenders.


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