(Unofficial) Raven's Vehicle and lore: KY1C Hymn

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The KY1C Hymn serves as an excellent example of the Raven's hunger for scavenged parts. Combining a looted shotgun with a powerful auto-cannon, the Hymn was known for being dangerous at any range. Good maneuverability and the faction's reputation for descending on unaware enemies led to it being feared the lunatics and engineers alike. The vehicles can frequently be seen ripping across the valley as part of larger Raven squads, their billowing exhausts unmistakable in the wasteland's dust.

This vehicle, in its renders, utilizes 2 engines on a single craft. As such, it is an invalid build in it's current preview state. Additionally, the raven's scout vehicle cabin is unavailable to players at the moment, meaning that the Duster and growl are the only suitable cabins for the job.



ky1c official.PNG

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