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Daily Player Looking for clan

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Hi Guys, 

I'm looking for a clan to take the game to the next level, I play everyday usually get a few games in a morning and a good few hour at night. 

I'm level 30 with builds ranging from 5 to 8k depending on what mood I'm in, I'm a good team player that's just looking to have some fun and some laughs.

Hit me up if you need new members

GT 'Pcritch'

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you'll need a good build, effective.

i dont know what playstyle you have,

but the cheapest clan builds that i know of

are a cricket hover (hard to use)

a spark remedy (easy to use)

or a shotgun wedge build. mace's (easy ish to use)

everything is a bit sweaty in clan wars

and if you dont have a good build

you probably wont even get a look in

so you might have to invest a bit.

then trash people in missions with your build

it wont take long before you kill people 

who are in clans, and they invite you

all the best


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