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Steppenwolfs Faction Logos


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I downloaded the web assets for the game, but none of it included the faction logos, only portraits of the faction leaders.  Unless I missed something.  If I did, then 2 out of 3 of these were pointless.  In any event, I almost exclusively play Steppenwolfs, especially spider tanks.  When the Founders faction was released, I really liked all the construction parts.  So I figured there'd 've been a Corps of Engineers for Steppenwolf.  Below are the regular faction logos plus a new custom Corps of Engineer logo I made.  These were all done from scratch as I couldn't find any of them, and I couldn't find a way to extract the game assets from their container files.  They're slightly different where the white is concerned, I added a light gray outline.  Otherwise you can't see the wolf ears when the logo is on a white background.  They come in both clean and weathered.  1000px wide, 32-bit transparency PNG files.  If you want a higher resolution, PM me.  They're done in vector, so I can make them as big as you like.








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@AGrievousGuy  There is for the Steppenwolf shield with crossed swords.  I think there's a sticker for each faction.

Here's a slightly updated Corps of Engineers.  I thought the top right corner needed something, so I added a crossed hammer and wrench with some construction lines.




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