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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw On May 25th, I purchased 70 crossout crowns from Microsoft Store (5.99) to purchase The Best Starter Pack which was on sale in my deals section. I was unable to click on the purchase icon to buy The Best Starter Pack even though I have 70 Crossout Crowns in my account and have never previously bought the pack.
What you expected to see Clickable Buy button
Conditions in which error reproduce Daily since May 25th. Senior Specialist Alex has send the deal into my account for 115 days in an effort for me to buy it. I am still unable to click the Buy Button as it continues to be non-active.
Problem details

Non-Active Buy Button
(Please note, your Error Report is not letting me attach screenshots or uploads.)

I have recorded a clip to OneDrive from my profile showing the button not clicking but am unable to upload it here.  It is on my xbox.

Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  


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- A detailed description of the issue you have. Please describe how we can reproduce the issue.
- An attached video and/or screenshots.
- Report must contain full version number of the game to which it is related.

the only thing mission is the version number your running on. this can be acquired by going to the login screen.

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