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Most of the parts aren't even out yet.  I've only seen Griffon on the Exhibition (Kind of the point) but I'm looking forward to combining new, and old in various combinations.  So, let's come up with some hypothetical build we'd like to try, when the parts are availible.

Howl+4 Whirls:  With a Hot Red, it'll do 100+Km/H(62+ M/H)  Looks like decent medium range, which I love, and the closer the enemy gets, the more Damage bonus you get, up to 50%.  Simple, but I'm going to be looking at ways to mount them, so that I can cover all 4 sides.  Not with all 4 Autocannons, as long as they can focus up front, I'm happy, but it'll probably be Listener, because that's the one I can tuck under my chassis the best, and it's got enough Detection radius.  I'll throw in a Radio just to share with my allies.  (Like they care.)

So, what do you guys think will work together?

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