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Looking for push minded individuals that already posses relics. Porcs, breakers or buggz or the willingness to obtain them quickly.

We are a already established clan, usually top 10 but w summer here, our core guys are not always available. Looking for dependable, and social players.


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I'm trying to find a clan that plays Saturday and Sunday mornings (4 am - 8 am PST) time slot.  That's when I can nearly guarantee that I'll be on to play CW's.  Is that a regular time when your clan plays?  I can usually be on sometime in the 5 pm - 9 pm PST time slot on Tuesday.  The other days are hit and miss for me, so I could not guarantee anything else.

Right now, I'm rolling with a single Porc + dual Reaper on Meat Grinders for my CW ride.  I hope to have my next relic weapon by the end of the month.  I am 28 prestige for Engineers.  Let me know if we are compatible.  My clan disbanded on Saturday, so I'm available to join on Tuesday.

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We dont typically play those time slots. Mostly both lunch and dinner sessions T,Th, and Sat.

Personally I like to sleep in on the weekends.

Put in a app and have a chat w Great Wizard. The leader

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