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42O clan WEED looking for new members


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Please only inquire if you are experienced. We need strong members with good builds. 10k powerscore or bigger. We need more active players. We have currently about 5 active players. Experience is needed and a good solid build will help. We are a good clan but with having such low numbers in our roster it's hard to place high in the league. So again we need active players. We are in search of active players who have already or will be obtaining relics or atleast have a solid legendary build for clans. We only have 8 members currently but with summer being here we basically have 4. Please be social and active. Apply within. Thanks. Clan is WEED tag is 42O that's four two zero and my gamertag is drushebag


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Need experienced players not new players
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Hi guys, great name for the clan, I like it. I am interested and want to get into your clan, but I don't know how to do it. I also have a great physique, I go to the gym every day. Of course, marijuana helped me build up such muscles, which gives me strength and makes me more energetic. It also relieves stress, which eliminates the possibility of weight loss. In tandem with the steroids, the result was excellent. I wonder if anyone else combines steroids and marijuana? It would be interesting to hear the experience of other participants.
Well, I look forward to hearing from you, and I will be very happy to join your clan.


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