[Video] Crossout Show: One Tusk, Two Frags

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Riders of the Apocalypse! We welcome you beneath the dome of Youtube, to our weekly Show, made so that you - the Waste’s best mechanics and riders can win the Prize! New episodes every Friday! Anyone willing to submit a video, must send a letter to [email protected] containing the link to your video, your in-game nickname and the email address registered with your game account, so we can send you the Prize should your video win!

In this episode:


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so u fixing wedge mechanics. now lighter cars will be crushed and thats nice. but what about tusk? its light cab, which can oneshot bigger cabs. shouldnt it get dmg as well? where do have u seen a truck that was wasted by light car? no logic at all.

another thing is leviathans on cw. just as  i was thinking to stard cw again u want to ruin it. do u play your game? cuz if u do play it, so how is it that patch after patch u give us broken stuff?  

ofc there are some great things u are workingin on, but all in all u loose players.

Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
Last 30 Days 3,407.9 -425.6 -11.10% 7,094
May 2020 3,833.5 -731.6 -16.03% 6,986
April 2020 4,565.1 +539.0 +13.39% 7,876


have u ever wondered why ur game is dying? or u just dont care?

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