[Video] The Garage 2.0#5

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Test, one two three… yup, we’re on air. Survivors, this is the fifth episode of the Garage 2.0.

Today in the episode:

  • Counter-Meta: Rage Against the Machine, or how to deal with drones!
  • Voice Of The Wasteland: we decipher messages coming from the Wastes and pick a craft from the Exhibition!

But we start with:

  • Workshop: the best involuntary space exploration program on a budget… the Toadfish!


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I watched the vid... pretty nice... BUT...


you leave some blue prints now, even test and recommend some from users, BUT everything is about PC :012:

You have other platforms you know :017:


You have systematically ignoring consoles since for ever, when are we going to have at lease same features vs PC?   When we will be able to hide the HUD?  Or lock weapons?  (Just to mention some examples...)

When are we going to have an in-game maker with prices similar to PC?  Or at lease increase the amount of coins in your "car packs" to compensate inflation?  Do I need to tell you how the same number of coins have very different values in different platforms? 

Also, do you realize than in your contest you 1000 coins reward is not the same for consoles (read above) so, how about a legendary chest instead?  Or something with a value "equal" to PC

And I'm not going to start with "give aways and redeem codes" which are zero for consoles :dry:




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