Domination Awarded More XP to Losing Team

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1. An explanation, what have you noticed or what has happened.

Played Domination in Chemical factory, winning team captured 2 bases, 1 player surviving with score 665, losing team had 3 players surviving.

Winning team total score 3582 comprised of individual scores: 816, 687, 665, 568, 512, 198, 75, 61.

Losing team total score 4856 comprised of individual scores: 1360, 1281, 987, 624, 277, 250, 77, 0.

2. What did you expect to see/happen.

Total XP reward should consistent with resource reward - i.e. to be about 50% more for winning than for losing team (e.g. Scrap metal reward is about 15-20 for everyone on the losing team, and 25-30 on the winning team, total XP reward for the team should be the same).

3. How to recreate the situation

Simulate Domination in Chemical factory, record scores for outcomes ending in 2 base capture, verify that the total score of the winning team is about 50% more than that of the losing team.

4. Details. None

5. Bug frequency - How often does the issue occur?

I just noticed it now, usually I don't pay attention to the scores

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