Dev, Humpback needs more welding points at the front.

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And Trucker too.

I can't get the point of your welding point design. Why does Humpback have no welding point at front bottom?
What is that empty line without welding point of Trucker?

In fact, they have so large areas without welding point. Especially compared to other cabins and even to heavy cabins. (Such as Echo, Icebox, and Cohort.)


As you can see welding points at side are floating, not contacting with surface of Echo at all.
If Echo can have floating welding point, then why can't Humpback and Trucker have full welding point at front without empty space? They have enough and reasonable surface!

That lack of welding point causes some problems such as difficulty of attaching Bumpers at front of Humpback.
(The worse thing is, for the Trucker, lack of welding point is just trivial error compared to so many other serious problems it has.)


Also, i'm really curious about whether you guys have plan for Ghost or not.


I hope you guys take care of balance more seriously.

Balance of Crossout still su*ks.

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Agreed! +1

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