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Looking for Clan - Many CW viable builds

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Hello everyone,


i am looking for a good clan to play cw.


I've been playing Crossout since ~mid 2017 and since early 2019 it's the only game I'm still really engaged in.

Have many different items/weapons/cabins (mostly fused) for cw builds and also already played top30 cws and have overall arround ~2600 clanmatches. (Some more informations in my profile)

Because of my work i sadly cant play every cw time but i would be around for hopefully three cw dates minimum per week. (3x4h)


If you are interested just try to find me ingame ( _Riddig_ ), write a pm or just post a comment here.

I will get back to you as soon as i can.


Kind regards and best healthy wishes :santa:


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