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CLAN Eur0 would like you as a member of the CW team

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the clan Eur0 is looking for players.

Do you have one of the weapon combinations?
Uranium weapons set
Retcher (2) + Harpy
Pulsar (2) + Harpy or Echo
Mammouth (2) + Echo
Fortune (3) + Harpy
Mandrake (2) + Torrero
Hammerfall (2) + Howl
Spark III + Draco (2) + Blight
3 Cricked + Torrero

If so, we look forward to hearing from you. The area in which we currently drive CW is entry-friendly.
We donĀ“t take diamond and gold league because of a lack of perfect sets. (Very good vehicles do cost up to 110,000 coins)

(1) Be nice
(2) sometimes take part in the CW
(3) 4 weeks offline without notification why = "kick"

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