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[Developer blog] Crossout development: how balance changes are made

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Hello, survivors! In the comments, you often ask: “When are you nerfing hovers?”, “Why don't the devs increase my favourite gun's damage?”, “What are the test servers for?”. It's time to talk about ho

Ok, When are you nerfing hovers?

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12 minutes ago, Woodyrojo said:


Work on the balance in Crossout is carried out every day. In order to be more accurate, developers need as much feedback from players as possible. Participate in public testing, survivors! And remember to post detailed feedback. Perhaps your message will help make Crossout better!

Its like reforming/renovating a house:

You spend relatively little on the exterior because you need to replace a few windows, buy some paint, replace some roof tiles and voilà! It looks like a brand new house on the outside!

You REALLY want your house to withstand the effects of ageing? Replace pipes, cables, insulation, etc. and presto: you spent a whole lot more and your house still looks the same on the outside and no one will ever know how much you spent even if they enter it because most of the costs went to the structural part of it BUT that will be the most everlasting investment you did with it.

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Questio: can we see the introduction of more specialized hover pieces? I mean, you are doing a good job on balancing hovers but wouldn't it be more productive to separate them into tanky, racing, low PS, high PS, etc?

Its currently the only movement part we have only one example of (if you count both Icarus as the same and/or considering one is a pack item).

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Ka1deron (Posted )

lucashc90, there are no plans for that in the nearest future, however, we are considering some ideas about new movement modules, so stay tuned:)
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I thought you guys were dead! Nice to see your new post in Developer blog!

31 minutes ago, Woodyrojo said:

Players also asked to replace the perks of “Punisher” and “Crusher”

What is Crusher?

And nice to see your tools and means to understand and analysis the balance.
But i can't still understand how could you make some weird conclusion such as 'Nerfing Whirlwind.'

I hope you guys do patches for the heavy things. IMO, heavy parts do not make sense. The best example is tracks.
In this game, the heaviest and tankiest vehicles are on the wheels or legs, not tracks.
Everything in this game is too light. (How can chameleon be only 48 kg? Is it balloon?)

Well, i don't wanna write my complaints about balance more now because it is endless.


Do you have any plan for Tutorial?
I'm tired of watching newbies making stupid inefficient vehicles and slayed by normal opponents within 10 seconds.

Quite many players just quit playing the game because
1. Their vehicles suck.
2. Grind is too boring, especially while driving awful cars.

There should be tutorial and more newbie supports.



This is cool. Can we have some animated profiles or banners in the game?

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Ka1deron (Posted )

Thank you - it is "Breaker", of course) As for the animated portraits - such feature is planned to be implemented in the nearest future, but it is possible that we will return to this qustion later
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Assembler was inaccurate before the update and you made it even worse... Is this the way how you got an idea that sniping weapons should be inaccurate???


Then fix Scorpions...this is too accurate for sniping weapon


Then you should check stats how often people use perk of Omnibox in both modes...maybe you finally find out how op 50 % of power (matching Colossus - the strongest engine in terms of power) really is and how useless is 15 % of cooling rate (not close to half of the blue cooler)...

And then there are things which you can recieve only from gameplay...like the thing with Typhoon perk, which is good only and only when you push hard against slow builds with weapons with reload mechanism...which can't destroy your weapons in 2 shots...there is only Fortune and Nidhogg in this category...

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Definetly agreed with Autocannon changes.

Question: How do you determine that the Player feedback is constructive or biased? 

Like how do you know that the player likes/hates the part which in turn could disrupt or influence his opinion or if he is really giving constructive feedback?

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37 minutes ago, Woodyrojo said:


Would be nice to see more details of that.
I know you wont be able to explain and show us everything.
But i wonder f.e. how you do add the factor of how many wpns of that type, and|or mixed|... are used.

In the SS we can see increasing dmg and win rate as PS increases - in the example around 4500 PS.
That indicates that more of that wpns are used. F.e. below 4500 PS 2 x {wpn}, above (able to use) 3 x {wpn}, ... .
That could be ez to track. But do you f.e. look at mixed wpns (aka hashtag sparkverster ect)?

And is there a reason why we do not see the PS > 6k in the SS ? :p


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Just now, Lord_Gotem said:

Greetings devs, is there a win/loss graph for hovers? If yes, would you mind sharing it with us, or at least confirm that their win/loss ratio in cw is on par with other movement parts of the same rarity?

Dangerous :D

Hover win/loose ratio vs what? Which wpns? Sideway or standard? 
This can lead to witch hunt and burn pretty quick, just because its too much info, or too little (which is understandable - he wont write a book).

CW could bring weird results because "all" are using hovers because "everybody does". And there is no MM. 
I know ppl playing CW are looking for the best|meta wpns etc. But now every CW player is automatically a pro. And i bet a lot of them are just using x because other do.

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i dont want to be that one guy

but you should have a look into what kind of vehicles people use

the only think i see in battles nowadays are sideways hovers and wedges

crossout used to be fun and unique  but now its just meta bs and repetitive builds over and over again


and i get constantly insulted by toxic people for playing something unique and interesting that i build of my own


not cool

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5 minutes ago, Saidow said:

I also did some studies on weapons ....

BEFORE and AFTER one hit of a scorpions low ps build:

Thats the "play you own game" -factor.

Scorp players may do not that much dmg overall. And they may do no have a large win rate.
BUT they have a "BOOM, EAT IT xxxxxx" -rage factor. that you can not see in stats. 
I mean - you could filter scorps by if they used a thermal scope. But you cannot see the anger when they totally destroyed a build across the complete map.
Well, you could, if you have logged distance, victim before|after conditions|acitons|... , ... . But i doubt that devs go that far in the validation.

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4 minutes ago, Beni_Stingray1 said:

There is never to much info, the more we know the better and we can talk about real balance instead of guessing and making accusations!

What i meant is: too much info - ppl did not read (all or carefully).

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Why are many people seeking hover nerf?
Because the hover nerf so far has no meaning as a nerf
If the width of two adjacent hover is narrow, the height of the hover will change
This mean -14% lower altitude nerf make no sense , With Colossus, it will be highly mobility hover craft

As a result, the no armored high-mobility hover that has existed since the time when the hover appeared suppresses PS and make player quit just for fuel and win.

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17 minutes ago, Beni_Stingray1 said:

we still can correct them with facts

"Good luck with that" -meme :D

17 minutes ago, Beni_Stingray1 said:

thats a first step in the right direction

True this.

17 minutes ago, Beni_Stingray1 said:

so we can have a civilised discussion without jumping each others throats

"Good luck with that" -meme again :D


however, we are considering some ideas about new movement modules, so stay tuned:)

Share the ideas public so ppl can bring feedback before you work on something that wont be accepted (so much)?
Or the idea can be improved by pre-feedback.

Edited by _cottton_

Ka1deron (Posted )

_cottton_, thank you for the suggestion. We usually launch public test servers before any key changes in the balance. And it concerns the new features as well
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endgame is boring needs more variety add more relics and buff all the relics in relation quality/price they are scum 
when u have 2 scorpions but use mamots or helios cause u get better results

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So, basically zero useful technical information or any proof this makes the balance good, this only confirm you do not play your game and see only numbers without any context on maps and real battlefield conditions, very nice animated image tho...

Edited by szefopl

Ka1deron (Posted )

szefopl, with this blog we just wanted to share the processes behind the balance changes in the game. And of course, we rely on the current situation in battles as well by both testing and playing on "live servers".
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The big problem in your game in first time is your mix of reallity vs no reallity

fire burn themself vs fire no burn themself  ( incinerator / firebug )

tiny build can flip levia when levia use harpoon ( i leave this and it's really crazy )

laser can cross mater ( Flute )

weapon need ammo or cooler or radiator when other need nothing , do more damage but can play at same PS ... that's do garbage balance

every month you put new weapon but no do good fix balance with old ....


your game just will be boring with this system month after month ,

im really fan of this game i have 11k hours on it , i think i help it a lot with pack , premium , etc .... but old player only loose money and dps with old weapon month after month

so maybe you don't know what is it a good dealer and how to give a goal for old players but for sure you will loose a lot of old people with this system

after reach lvl 100 nothing after reach lvl 200 nothing .... i think you understand me .... is just a exemple  .....






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You never listen to your community: 
Hover is cancer
Scorpion is OP - on hover
Porcupine is OP - low CD, too damn high damage, lowest energy needed. Porcupine users end up with 5+ kills with just levitating and spamming thousands of barrels.... is this balance you're talking about?
Kapkan is OP - low CD, activates too fast, holds target too long - costs 3K and its normal epic part

Tsunami is trash - 2x Tsunami that is charged by 6x deals about 400 damage
You have to rework its perk same as Whirlwind's: "Tsunami shell increases damage OR penetration based (one of them) on distance travelled" or something like that.... because as I said even 6x times charged Tsunami is 0...

For 2 years as I remember you're "Planning to change" stupid useless co-driver system. - WHEN?

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