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NOVA CABIN from Battle Pass Broken

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So, I just bought the battle pass. I spent real money. The perk on the Nova Cabin (-17% cabin mass) does not work. As it doesn’t work with any other cabin. This means, I have to treat the cabin as if it weighs original 2300 kg, instead of 1917 kg as it is written. The hover is low to the ground, slow, low acceleration etc. 

I’ve reported this before, commented on different posts. It’s been 5 months since this bug has been reported. 


1. Return my money, as I have bought a product which is falsely advertised, it is a broken product (can be classified as SCAM).

2. Fix the damn bug. 

3. Replace the perk with a different WORKING perk, such as +10% durability or other. 


P.S. I know you will say “attach build”... like it’s gonna change anything. People have attached builds, me included, numerous times and after many months the bug is still not fixed. ... .... ......

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