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Bot stuck, raid

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Bot stuck in Hard Frontier Defence raid
What you expected to see The bot un-stuck?
Conditions in which error reproduce random
Problem details Hard Frontier Defence, Ship Graveyard, Dawn Children, Final wave
Frequency of reproduction sometimes
Time of bug 19:20 - 19:32





combat.log game.log gfx.log net.log

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happened to me too. bot was stuck inside this hill, we saw him on the radar before the rest of the players gave up. we could hear it too.

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Had the same issue at the same location, raiding against Dawn's Children.

60 fuel and plenty of time wasted trying to fix the issue. Some kind of auto-kill timer would be nice to prevent this. (Maybe if there are two remaining enemies after 10 minutes they automatically die). That would fix this issue in the future without having to find all errors in mapping.

screenshot-200727-002955(258 40 -136).jpg

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