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Сontest ‘Rebuild in Crossout!’ - experimental stage (22 - 29 of July)

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Rumours about Scar AB's collection and the skill of the engineers who craft and expand it are rapidly spreading throughout the Valley. Recently, one of the trading clans turned to the Scavenger leader with the request to build several armoured vehicles to accompany the caravans, but with a special condition. All vehicles have to be similar to real-life models with slight modifications. The sense of style is not dead and gone even in this wasted world, and it's good.

We will select the top 4 entries, and their authors will get a reward of 300 coins and the "Keep the mask on!" sticker.

Today we have an unusual stage.  First of all, the assignment: rebuild the vehicle from the picture:



In order to rebuild this vehicle, you may team up with your friend and make a composite craft (made of 2 cars coupled together). In case your entry wins, both of you will receive the rewards.

We will select the top 4 entries, and their authors will get a reward of 300 coins, "Keep the mask on!" sticker and a unique portrait "Mickey".

Conditions of the contest:

  • Build a car in the specified period that's as close as possible to the original;
  • The original model has to be clearly recognizable in your entry;
  • Armoured vehicles assembled on the basis of vehicles from packs are not allowed to participate;
  • Submit your entry on the exhibition under any name. The entry must remain on display until the results are announced;
  • Post screenshots of your craft in this thread, specify the name of the real car taken as a sample, the name of the craft at the exhibition and the platform on which you play;
  • If a participant submits his entry in more than one post, this leads to his disqualification;
  • In case you participate in the contest with your friend, you should specify both your nicknames and both names of your "cars" on the exhibition in one post;
  • The entry has to be built in:
    • A car or a leviathan slot (in case you are the only participant);
    • In case you participate in the contest with a friend, one of your parts may be built in a leviathan slot, but another one has to be built in a car slot.
  • The armoured car or both of its parts must be able to go into battle;
  • The entry should not contain offensive and Nazi symbols, references to forbidden groups and societies, as well as elements of erotic content;
  • The entry must not contradict the Rules of the Game and the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • The players who publish someone else's entry will be excluded from participation;
  • By participating in the contest, you consent to the use of your work at our discretion;
  • Entries are accepted during the working week. The winner will be selected by the jury. All posts in this thread are pre-moderated.
  • The contest runs in test mode for all platforms (PC, XBOX One, PS4).
  • The general rules for contests and giveaways can be found here.

The results will be announced on July 29. Entries are accepted until 28.07.20, 09:00 GMT.

The contest was organized in collaboration with our player makarov22rus :)

Attention! All messages in this thread are pre-moderated and are visible only to the administration.


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The winners of our weekly contest 'Rebuild in Crossout' are:

  • belatorwtf and Apple___Jack with W900L truck and W900L trailer
Скрытый текст


  • JackButch and Belka_63 with Jack_Kenworth and Belka_63_ tank
Скрытый текст


  • SerCross and Pakat0r with Kenworth and tanker
Скрытый текст


  • D9TEL_HA_PADAPE and ToTeM_yTo4Ki with Truck D9TEL and Trailer yTo4ka
Скрытый текст


All the winners will receive their prize soon.

Also we would like to highlight the participants, who were close to victory:

  • EX_K1 and VerdiHero with Ken TRACK and Ken TANK
Скрытый текст


  • _Fries_ and PotatoCream with Ken is Worth it and Mayhem Trailer
Скрытый текст


  • GAD64rus with FURA
Скрытый текст


  • Li xZEROx iL134 and invincibies with W900L Tanker and W900L Truck (XB1)
Скрытый текст


Thank you all for participation!

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