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Hover max speed, acceleration etc

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I have a hover. It is performing well in garage, but in battles it doesn’t. It flies lower to the ground, has less acceleration, and top speed is 72-73 (instead of 75). 

My mass limit is 16400 kg. My Tonnage limit is 15150 kg. My actual weight of the build is 15149 Kg, so everything is fine, I am not overweight and I am not over tonnage. 

If I drop around 60 kg - the build flies at top speed, but acceleration is still somewhat worse. 

Game version:

I am attaching a video of the issue. Please fix it. I have been having problems with my builds with similar issues for 4 months now. 



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Yeah I kind of know that since I’ve been trying to get it fixed for a while, but I am suspecting the -mass on the hovers could be bugged as well. Its hard to check since sometimes the build goes 70, sometimes 72, the acceleration is just weird etc. 

anyway, I am still trying to get this approved as a “bug”. Maybe they will finally do something about it. 

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