Lances should cause self damage _ The poll

Lances should cause self damage  

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  1. 1. Lances should cause self damage

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dafuq you think is attached to it?:014j:

I can't keep up with this stupidity I'm losing brain cells as we speak. I'm done with this thread.

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18 minutes ago, psiberzerker said:

  The difference is, on a Wedge, the guns are exposed, and on a Brick, you have a place to mount the hover catchers.

What a dumb edit, but no, you don't have to have exposed guns you dope, it's wedge build because it's built with a friggin wedge.. just because it has hover catchers ontop doesn't make it a brick it makes it a wedge build with hover catchers on top.. lay off the medicine... A brick build would mean it's build like a brick.. how do you not understand these simple basic concepts? oh yeah.. XO playerbase at it's finest.

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13 hours ago, DeviousMC said:

 I never said retchers didn't self-damage, I told you to address the fact that the majority of retcher builds are wedges......

So u are still here hu?, you don't get tired to embarrass yourself? Maybe some kind of masochism... Well everyone to his own... Let's give the people what they want:

So you never tell hu? Do you share ur account with someone else? 

On 7/30/2020 at 2:04 AM, DeviousMC said:

Exactly, every other weapon in the game doesn't self damage.. so what are u crying about? It's not a friggin bug.


On 7/30/2020 at 1:44 PM, DeviousMC said:




Dude nearly every RETCHER build is wedge, dafuq u smokin?

Or maybe you are just a compulsive lier :dntknw:


And now let's turn apart your fail attempt to change the subject into impulse :

On 7/30/2020 at 2:01 PM, DeviousMC said:

No self damage.. and cyclone, the autocannon even shoots explosive rounds...

It's very good.. probably why it's so popular.. you must be low elo if you don't see them.. ah well since u were referring to garb Impulse instead of the actually good grenade launcher.. That explains it.. this is what happens; I wedge someone and blow them up faster than a fire dog.. 

I already illustrate you about CYCLONE and Retcher self damage, do you really need a video about Impulses also? If you do, go ask for that some where else and stop wasting the time of grow ups here :017:



On 7/30/2020 at 6:41 PM, DeviousMC said:

this thread was created due to you getting over emotional after being lanced in the arse.

Lucky me, coz I don't care your opinion or thinking :yes_yes_yes::fed002:

On 7/30/2020 at 6:41 PM, DeviousMC said:

fire puddles are thermal damage for one, that literally leaves like retchers and cannons dude.. AUTOCANNONS shoot EXPLOSIVE rounds and don't do it either so why don't we talk about that one?

No need to talk check the video again, if you still don't understated it, we'll keep thinking no weapon in this game do self damage, no one care :dntknw:

On 7/30/2020 at 6:41 PM, DeviousMC said:

is everyone who uses them an "exploiter" too? how are you going to standby the notion that everyone using lances is friggin exploiting you're shameful, get better aim and shoot the lances off LESS QQ MORE PEW PEW nub.:1_100_100:

U need to gid gud in understanding this game :dntknw:


13 hours ago, DeviousMC said:

I guess that's a no because you can't.

If anyone "can't"  something here is you... 

Being unable to understand when you where... 




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23 hours ago, DeviousMC said:

Neither will giving them free uranium when they fluke win

And UNLIKE YOU, I NEVER SAID IT WILL. plus nice job admitting your idea is useless.... but uranium reward for beating a higher ranked team will make it a bit more fair

23 hours ago, Chevypimp said:

Nope watch the map see someone working with griffon watch there team all the sudden disappear and be aware easy mode what are you on about

Ah so you know exactly where they are now xD? Last time I checked they can go 10 different ways... invalid argument

19 hours ago, DeviousMC said:

the majority of retcher builds are wedges......

Proof how disconnected with the game you are

They are wedges because they are designed so they can kill multiple people before the self damage cripples their build.... tho in reality they arent even wedges, they are dogs, i hope youre connected enough with a meta to know what a firedog looks like, they dont wedge anything, they just facehug hovers

8 hours ago, DeviousMC said:

Click Week scroll through the available pages :014j:.... some 1k downloads build that was made 2 years ago is completely irrelevant

Neither are your garbage 15 bigfoot builds xDDDDDD

In fact many of the builds psiberzerker posted are the best retcher builds in existence, like the kv2 build

6 hours ago, DeviousMC said:



Your logic is flawed af, hey look i slapped 2 bumpers on the front of the build it stopped being 1 thing and is now a wedge build because of 2 tiny bumpers xDDDDDDDD

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Honestly would be best for everyone to just block devious, hes pure busted

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So here is what i think: not really, there is no bug in Lancelot usage. Neither self-damage should be implied on "boomsticks"; they have little of a durability and a model of a lance. You know, for explosion to not hit the car. Thus, i vote for "no".

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