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Fire Angles vs Gun Protection

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This is a bit of a digression:  

10 hours ago, Charlie9204 said:

Most of time we need to choose or balance fire angle and weapon protection, but let's stay on topic.

So, here's some thought on it, in no particular order...

It depends on the Weapons.  High Durability ones like Mandrake,


Or Mammoths.  Let's stick with Mandrake.  Not only does it have more than double the base Durability of my Cabin, but also.  The whole point of that configuration is to get the muzzle as low to the ground as possible, for point blank shots.

(Oh, come on.  Don't act surprised, you knew this was coming.)  So, there's absolutely no way, in Green Hell, I'm going to hide my Mandrake, behind my Blight to protect it.  For one thing, I'd have to turn the blight sideways to even attempt it (Which would mean Meat Grinders, and Mecha Legs for the typical Double Drake, without the Colossus, Doppler, and Top Speed in triple digits.)

The next problem is the Hitbox.  Can you, practically armor a Blockchain?  I haven;t ever been able to, even with every trick I know, like tilting the Cabin, and turning it around backwards so it butts right up against it until it turns around at the start of the match.  It's still got the entire top of it exposed, just so that the aperture at the bottom can fire, at all.

So, if it's not one of those hitboxes that can be covered, don;t bother, switch to another gun, or try to get some shots in, before they're stripped off.

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