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Football event decor still in reflections (test area)


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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw The water puddles in the test ares still show the blue-white decorations from the football event
What you expected to see the normal reflections
Conditions in which error reproduce water puddles in test area (doesn't matter if you're using a Blueprint or a Leviathan)
Problem details If you are looking in water puddles in the test area towards the rock wall with the set of Ramps, you can still see the blue-white banners from the Steel Championship decoration.
If you change the view angle, you can see the normal reflection...
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  

I used the beginner car from the egineers

screenshot-200817-135330(72 5 69).png

screenshot-200817-135458(255 6 -21).png

screenshot-200817-135718(-108 2 -78).png

screenshot-200817-135725(-105 7 -84).png

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Nice catch! Good eye there mate.

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