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[Developer Blog] What awaits survivors in the foreseeable future?

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Let's just say striping the perk from old weapon and add it to new money grabbing stuff is awful At least be more creative on the damn tesla relic, please

New relic tesla=old legenrady tesla pre nerf I can see this coming haha   UPDATE 28/08 Confirmed! LOL 6%

Hello there, survivors! Today we would like to tell you what comes next in the upcoming updates. The biggest new feature, by the way, was born of your suggestions. Intrigued? Then let's do this!

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1 minute ago, Chullster said:

"Let's turn to what almost all survivors in all corners of the Wasteland have been whispering about: new relic weapons."

I think you'll find that only a small minority of players care about such things. Wedge nerf and other non clan wars issues are far more important to the majority.

I think they mean the mojority of PAYING players, theres a difference.

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Relic spark, hmm.. no no, firedogs are already balanced we don't need no relic spark:015_2:. Scrap that idea, a relic autocannon would have been the way to go and simply just call it "Tornado"

Really like the new garage customization area:good:

Oh, and we all hope to see porcs in those planned balance changes.:popcorn: 

Ka1deron (Posted )

Regarding the possible changes for the "Porcupine" - a number of them are considered, but it is not certain that the changes will be included in the nearest updates
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yeee another cabin, what about old cabin rebuild?? ghost need love :-) and nerf of wedge nerf??



Ka1deron (Posted )

Do you mean the balance changes for the cabins that are already included in the game? In case there's a necessity the tweaks will be considered for them as well
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ok devs , can you explaine me on what movement part you will think people go play your relic mammoth ?

cause actualy harvester spark lance / firebug spark / breaker wedge / porcupine hover / horizontal mandrake  are the most weapon played on CW

you will do new spark for what ? where is the utility ? the original spark no do the job ? tiny russian kids not happy to loose it when they are burning a hover ?

on pvp at all ps the 75% players use wedge , but yes your statistic can't give you this info , true ....


can you read me please maybe my words are too much small ? ...... when a baby try to do movement what he do at start .... he run ? ..... no , he walk !!!!

start to fix your game before do again and again and again same overpowered cab or weapon to do just after nerf and buff and nerf and buff ....  rince / repeat ,

so maybe just maybe one day do your evolution in right direction and stop to jump wall after wall and try to do happy 10% of player base who think you will do the best game

actually i just stop to loose my money on your game cause you are just disapointing ,  devs !!!

maybe it's time to go on other game cause seriously you understand nothing ....

without your uslees weapon this news is good your idea are good ...

but seriously start to fix the most big problem in first and maybe after you can start to do something on good base




ps : thx for your answer , and sorry for my cry ( im too much bored )

i know im idiot to push my team to no play full meta but i really wish see one day a gameplay based on skill and brain and not only on last overpowered meta :014:

and fun , cause yes we really need a fun on a game ....

Edited by LOoD

Ka1deron (Posted )

LOoD, hello. The plans for the "wedge" vehicles have not been cancelled - we are still working on it. They are not included in this devblog because it describes other things that we are currently working at. The work on the in-game balance is always in progress and, once the changes are necessary, we try to implement them asap
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I am immensely disappointed in the developers.

Stripping the perk off from spark and slap it on a relic version wich behaves excatly same, gives nothing new to the game, it just a massive cashgrab.

Dogs will be the same as before the spark nerf. They pay 600 uranium to craft the new spark and everything will be the same.

Relic mamoth meh maybe will give its user a little new game playing experience, feeling.

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New relic spark should not have both perks. You’ve seen how op it is on the old spark. Let players choose one or the other. If you want to slow reload then you choose relic spark. Slow movement then old spark. I’m all for adding to content to the game but it’s becoming more and more catering to brawl players. Where’s the love for players that use skilled builds like cannons on hovers? 
Nerf good players 

buff bad players... 

still got hope for this game 

Please limit the spark to just 1 per build. Either relic or legendary. 

Edited by NegativeStance
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Any chance the garage creator will become a map creator? Even if just for say Bedlam or Race, I bet some fun community maps can be made. Hopefully the forward Mandrakes are balanced or I'll get 1-shot disabled trying to use the new relics in Clan Wars. And please have a fix or compensation for the reduced mass cabin bug, thanks. Nice to see new Epic wheel finally, hopefully it has a smaller power drain than Bigfoots

Ka1deron (Posted )

At the moment there are no plans for the map creator (or map editor) being available for the players as it may lead to a number of technical difficulties and issues. However, we plan to keep working on the interactive environments in the future:)
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+1 for dev blog. Appreciated.
But the comments show that you should post a roadmap before start working on it. I think i posted this now 5 times.

I would like to say: "lets see. Sometimes we were wrong". But it really adds nothing new to the actual game.
Testdrive is nice, but wont keep ppl playing crossout.
Relict wpns are nice too, but ... wont keep (new or non-relict- ) ppl playing crossout.

Last updates (incl. 2step) made ppl think about leaving. Even a friend who plays daily like me said "there is nothing left" -thinking about leaving XO behind.
And this is not about wpns, achievements or banners. Its about the same 3-5 min matches every single time.



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