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Something I've been working on for a while now, trying to find a way to make it work: Toadfish on auger drives, as for these weapons, I prefer for them to be low to the ground but being able to straft is highly advantageous for them. There's been several different methods I've tried, all failing:

• Dual augers do not have enough tonnage and are unstable
• Triple augers have poor handling characteristics (and this of course definitely leaves quad augers out)

So then the first hint of success I've had was dual augers with two non st Bigfoots. The bigfoots provided more tonnage and due to touching the ground, kept the augers stable. since they was non St, they did not interfere with the strafting any providing if they was placed right. This was the first time I've had seen positive results with a Auger based toadfish build:

43664419_screenshot-200607-132016(12734- 883880020_screenshot-200606-204807(8753-

Unfortunately, it still had its problems and just didn't work quite well enough (I didn't like how vulnerable the front bow was either)  so I switched back to small tracks for a while. Later, I decided to give augers one last attempt, this time combining them with armored tracks instead.

Finally, I succeeded in making a T.O.A.D build; Ferocire, which is a name I've always used for quad crossbow builds.  The turning is responsive when used properly, the build is mostly stable even when it's missing most of its parts  (Tilts up a lil when coming to hard stops which can expose the bottom, but this is easily worked around), it has all the tonnage it needs and the armored tracks doubles as some side armor. All of this while having reasonable frontal weapon protection and ~1.8k hp. 1.8k hp is glassy for a 14k ps build..but for quad Toads, it's reasonable and it now uses Nova instead of Omnibox, which the shield is of great help, especially against Scorps or Assemblers

377712705_screenshot-200822-160927(22446  1379615858_screenshot-200821-163552(-95-

230288553_screenshot-200822-160008(6010-  559229032_screenshot-200822-162556(-1802


The goofy pincer shaped front armor design was not intended, but I freeform build so whatever I get is what I roll with, mostly. I consider this as a high threat/support hybrid build..high threat as it has the highest bullet damage in the game (up to 1120 direct damage if all bolts hit) and support as that's what the weapons are best at. Due to their slow reload and large size, they are not particularly good at direct confrontations...but their high damage and perk does make them excellent at supporting allies against close combat builds and fixed weapon builds by either throwing them off course or throwing their aim off. 

I might not flip many opponents at this high powerscore...but I can make them go into a mad drift making them drive into walls (add impact damage to walls pls!)  or throw their aim off, especially if its a hover  or a horidrake.  Speaking of which..the meta quad auger Horidrakes pretty much gets ragdolled by this.

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