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Matching Weld Points Missing


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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Matching weld points are not shown in "Legacy GPU compatibility" mode.
What you expected to see Matching weld points should be highlighted in "Legacy GPU compatibility" mode.
Conditions in which error reproduce 1. Hit ESC > Settings > Video > Legacy GPU compatibility = on.
2. Restart the game.
3. Click on "Build" button in main menu.
4. Try attaching a structural part to anything. Matching weld points are not shown.
Problem details

Attaching screenshots demonstrating the issue.
1. Screenshot1 shows a demo vehicle.
2. Screenshot2 shows that all weld points can still be shown when hitting F.
3. Screenshot3 shows that background part contour outline is still shown as expected with gold-colored lines, but the matching weld points are missing.
4. Screenshot4 shows expected behavior with matching weld points shown (however - this was taken with "Legacy GPU compatibility = off", but it should still look like this with "on").

Attached the design file for the demo vehicle.

I also have DxDiag.txt file, but this forum does not let me attach it, error message is Screenshot5.

Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug any time








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45 minutes ago, Skula1975 said:

Not a bug for ultra low quality

However - it makes car design essentially impractical in ultra low quality. Also - contours for the background objects are actually shown - so maybe it would be simple enough to show matching weld points using the same drawing algorithm as what is already used for contours?

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