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Whirls have graphic bug and laag on turning vehicle


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Hello dev team and support

1. Some time ago i noticed my Whirl autocannons having a graphic bug where the back covers laag when driving, it looks like they laag forward and backwards.

Allso when i turn my vehicle the weapons aim seems to laag too

I tested with double F11 to see if i got any connection issues but thats not the case

2. When playing the back cover is usually calm and only moves up and down slightly when shooting the autocannon

3. This issue only appears out of garage when im with other players... inside my garage im fine

4. I attached my build, dxdiag file as well as a video of the bug made in bedlam

5. The issue occurs allways when im in regular battle (scrap battery wire) and all raids including the brawls and bedlam

Thank you for the help




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Like to network problems. If repeat attach logs please


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