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Crossout fan communities guide


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Survivors, the world of Crossout is formed and molded by you, our players, and we value that a lot. So we’ve made this list of recommendations for the unofficial fan communities. Taking them into consideration you help to create and develop our community, making the Wasteland world more exciting and fun!

Attention: We don’t monitor fan-communities constantly and don’t carry any responsibility for their actions or the content they publish.  However, we expect the Discord server owners, group admins and other community leaders to follow these recommendations:


·       Make sure your community position itself as a fan community and is not a part of official Crossout platforms

·       Do not allow malware and scam advertising into the contents of your community

·       Make sure you conform to the rules and laws of the platform where your community resides

·       Encourage friendly communications between members of your fan community. Discourage toxic behaviours and bullying of a player or a group of players.

·       Make friendly contacts between communities. Be friendly and don’t generate conflict situations

·       Create your own content, develop your community, don’t encourage taking the content created by other communities

·       Encourage fair play and good sportsmanship, follow the in-game rules


We’d appreciate it if you were responsive to Crossout team’s requests.

Are you a fan community admin or creator? Would you like to establish contacts or get some assistance from the Crossout team? Please fill this form and we'll contact you. :014:

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