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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Upon downloading the new Amusement Park update, fire and explosions no longer appear. This occurs in both the garage and in-game. The bug is evident when firing weapons and when damaging other vehicles. When using any fire weapon (Porcs, remedy, etc.) the flame does not show up. When firing weapons that have tracers behind the shell or grenade (cannons, retchers, etc.) the tracers don't show so the shell or grenade are nearly invisible. When my vehicle or other vehicles are highly damaged, there is no flame coming out of the cabin. When my vehicle and other vehicles explode, there is no explosion. The vehicles simply poof out of existence. The fire and explosion audio also appears to be gone.
What you expected to see Fire and explosions.
Conditions in which error reproduce I have uninstalled the game twice, including deleting the local file folder that houses the crossout game. The bug persists when I re-download the game.

I have reset all setting and the bug persists. I also tried each graphics setting (low to high) and the bug persists.
Problem details The error occurs on all maps and all game modes.
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  


Crossout - Bug

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