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Top 5 PS Players On Same Team of 6

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Top 5 PS players were put onto the same team of 6, while bottom 5 PS players were put on the other team of also 6 (and none of the players were in a party). Guess which team won the match? - The top 5 PS player team won (surprise, surprise).
What you expected to see Top PS players allocated more evenly between the 2 teams, so that it would be difficult to predict from the start which team will win.
Conditions in which error reproduce Play "Head on" battle.
Problem details

If we call the 2 teams 'A' and 'B', and sort the players in descending PS order - then this is how the players were allocated between the teams:

Radio_kaba4ok  11840  'A'
Sandrao_M      11366  'A'
Douglas_3      11093  'A'
Zmei856         8231  'B'
Trajos          8163  'A'
SkY_PRAVDA      7361  'A'

Pasha3black     6788  'B'
YafondaMiccuci  6788  'B'
GMan1013        5764  'B'
Typhoon9039     5436  'B'
St_Semetskiy    5019  'A'
KOBbIP9IJIO4KA	4150  'B'

From the above, the allocation sequence of players in decreasing PS order is: AAABAA BBBBAB

This resulted in team A having a combined PS of 54842, vs team B of 37157, making team A 47% stronger PS-wise!

A better alternative is to allocate players on an alternating basis between the two teams like so: ABBAAB BAABBA (i.e. top PS player goes to A, next 2 players go to B, next 2 go to A and so on). If this was done, then PS for teams A and B would be 44936 and 45777, making team B just 2% stronger - much more balanced than 47% difference that was observed.

NB. None of the players were in a party (according to the log file).

Frequency of reproduction sometimes
Time of bug 2 Oct 2020 00:49:57 log file time



2020.09.28 12.32.29B.rar

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