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i have big problem in start missons it stop on screan of waiting for other players or count down and stop on zero and game dont start any soulotion?

my ping always is 100 to 180 and my loss is 2 percent

and i have tested this over and over and in my account at least 1000 missons are unfinished and that make my average kill per misson to one can you make game dont count any unfinished battle?

this is my screenshot of network and also i live in iran and game like to connect to russia servers

and i have faver to ask if you can give the game 5 dollar game money in each day?

screenshot-201009-130400(25 3 39).jpg

screenshot-201009-130407(25 3 39).jpg

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It's known issue, they can't bother fixing. Some players are effected by laggy servers, while others are not. I've had this many times after certain patches, where I lag at start of match and often lag out. In my case it was not caused by my internet, but it could be in your case. This network test is useless, don't rely on that. They only added it to waste your time and yank on your chain.

To make sure if its your internet or not, open up cmd and run "ping google.com /t" and leave that cmd window open while playing. If you have dual monitors, put it on other monitor. as soon as you lag in-game, look at the cmd window and see if ping is stable or not. If ping in cmd window jumps up / down, then it means it's your internet and you need to talk to your ISP or check your setup.

You can check my detailed topic about it here - 


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