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Item Name Spelling Error

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw An item name spelled "Armored track" (epic movement part craftable from Scavenger faction).
What you expected to see "Armoured track" (with the letter "u")
Conditions in which error reproduce Open Garage > Factions > Technology Tree > click on Movement icon > scroll to Tracks section > hover the mouse cursor over the item, the tooltip will say "Armored track" (without the letter "u").
Problem details The current spelling "Armored track" (without the letter "u") is correct in American English.
However, since Crossout is implemented in British English, missing out the letter "u" is a spelling mistake.
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  



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13 minutes ago, forc3dinduction said:

google before you post something like this.

Similar issue has been accepted before, what is your problem? Are you trolling?


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Plenty examples of those: 


But they should really just do a search and replace across all language files, because there's also plenty examples in descriptions, sometimes even inconsistent within the same one, e.g.:



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