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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Put on the market my Aegis prime gear and i dont received any coin for it. The buyer is at a Clan called [HACK] and have a private account. I already use an two step system into my phone and none notification cames.
What you expected to see The account of this player boing verified and my gear of coins back.
Conditions in which error reproduce item sold no coins received
Problem details it must be easy to fix, but its so hard to find a place to get anwered by the devs of this game.
Frequency of reproduction once
Time of bug  




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1.they can give your itens back but they will be untradeable

2.i think the person is acualy hacking, the only player i know can do that too is the ARBITER market bot the arbiter is suposed to stop fraudulent trades, but sometimes it catches inocent people too.

i am 100% sure this is not the arbiter bot

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17 minutes ago, PsycoBR said:

i aold it yesterday day 22 november.

That was not my question :)
I once joined the match queue (waiting to join) and in the mean time i upgraded (fused) a wpn.
Before i could finish the upgrade process i joined a match.
After the match 1 of the 3 items disappeared.

Devs and i could not reproduce that. Perhaps you had a similar case. Thats why i asked if you were in a match queue while putting the item on the marked.

@Skula1975 Perhaps this can be found in the logs?

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A clan call HACK does NOT mean they are hackers.

This may simply be a bug.  I am sure the devs can check and replace coins for you.  If they can't, with screenshots prove support will do it.  No need to get angry about it. Good luck. 

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@PsycoBR Up at the top of every forum page there is a header with "Browse" "Activity" "SUPPORT" "Leaderboards"

Clicking that tab will take you to the support site where you can log your issue after signing in.


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This problem repets. Me and a friend got in this last months and we did not recived any answer.

There is a real problem that need to be adresed.

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