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Bought a bunch of grenadiers and didn't receive 4 of them

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On PS4, username Mattistall

1. Currently in the process of buying a bunch of grenadiers at various prices. The most recent for purchased during a match didn't show up in my inventory but do in my history.

2.Market offer dropped from 7 to 3 and the purchase was made. I should've gone from 9 to 13 in storage.

3. Hopefully it's not able to be recreated.

4. Just simply buying grenadiers and the latest 4 didn't make their way into my storage. The sale happened during battle. I've always heard about this but chopped it up to people simply missing something while bulk trading. Could've happened to me In the past and I never noticed. 

5. First time ever happening to me.

Made the purchase around 10:30 am est on December 6. 

This is my first bug report so I apologise if the format is incorrect or hasn't met information requirements. Any help by looking into my account/ trading history would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: I went to go build my new grenadier Levi and it just kept letting me put on drones till I reached 16. Those 4 extra drones don't show up in storage but it does let me copy them in build mode. 


Edit again: it's solved. The extra grenadiers showed up in my storage after copying them to Levi then switching vehicles. I can delete this post or leave it in case the devs wanna look into weird part copying bugs.





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Grenadier are not that good anymore a grenadier  Levi will just end up with grenadiers getting stuck under the Levi and a Levi can run over all of them in a single pass.

Even having 4 fused Nader drones won't allow you to get a kill if you are fighting 2 people because the damage is split in half, and they are very easy to kill.

For being a pack only item they are a awful investment.

They used to be worth 900 coins and would have great accuracy but since they have been NERFED I have not been able to get MVP 1 time even at very low PS.

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The problem is not about item inself, but about the fact that the tranzaction was not done correctly.

I also have some situations where i see tranzactions in my history and my money was removed but i did not recived the item in my inventory.

i can also say the revers, that some items i sold, did not add any money to my acount.

So there is a real bug!!

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