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How did they complete 83 waves of Present Heist?

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On 1/2/2021 at 8:12 AM, _cottton_ said:

@ZeusssS Grow up.

So you actually posted that you have nothing to contribute, great.
Not really offence, but think about it.

Note: not watching the video. Its way to easy to record hours and cut off the "best" to make one look bad.
"People" - right. Show me where he did talk like that. I often read his posts and never saw a line like "i am the best".
He said he is pro, which he is with that time (^= experience).

And hacks ... i dont know, Is it really his website? Are those really hacks? Or just single player trainers? I dont care.
You need to start think for your self. Do you know, or is it just what others say.


And no, i dont know him personally. But i call totally bee es on those who post hearsay copycat bully crap.

Not only here, but read the comments under his YouTube videos. He's said he is the Best Crossout player there before. Have you actually watched/listened his content before? He's constantly calling people "F*ggots, R*tards, Autistic" and other demeaning names in his videos. No one needs to make up slanderous comments about this guy. All the proof you need is created by the offender himself. He's an assh*le plain and simple and deserves to be treated as such.

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Maybe they are cheating, but don't take Sethioz' word for it. Anyone better at the game than Sethioz is pretty much a cheater in his eyes. 

Here you go :-)    

... says a person who knows NOTHING about me. watching some scrub's video about me that only shows 0.001% of my content, doesn't make you understand anything. I don't call everyone a cheater who destr

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83 was a lot easier at the start of the event, when bosses had shared health across parts - it didnt matter where you damaged them, since all the damage was acting like cabin damage.
However, according to my calculations, it is technically still possible to achieve wave 84 even after it was patched out. We didnt have enough time to practice to get there.

If we started doing this thing at the start of the event, when this wasnt patched out yet, we'd probably got much further.
Ho well, we had fun and that's what matters the most.

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