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Need help with CrossoutDB

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Hey everyone, at this point I am so confused and I think I am going to melt my brain if I try to solve this problem myself. So i decided to ask the community.

So basically I went to CrossoutDB, clicked on crafting, filtered to show only special rarity items and sorted by crafting margin. At the time the Mace shotgun was the highest margin so I decided to craft that.

However after crafting it 2 times I somehow managed to lose money even though it was always near the top of the CrossoutDB margin list and I sold them for a price of 110c each (same price it had when I started the crafting).

My question is:WTF? How did I manage to mess up? Is there something obvious that I'm missing but I'm too stupid to realise?

Also please note that I did NOT buy 100x Plastic and 100x Scrap two times, I only bought them ONCE and used them for both crafts, since they require 50/craft anyways. So that can't be the source of a loss...

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CrossoutDB is a community website and is not affiliated with Targem, Gaijin or Crossout

Their data is extracted from the server with a delay and often does not coincide with the real situation.

That is why it can lead to such situations.

You better do the calculations yourself and you will notice that the result is more merely different from that of the site.

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