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Why the market wont let me buy or sell to my wanted price? For example in the pictures below, one guy is buying a headlight for 0.11 coins, i want to offer more than 0.11 coins so i get it faster than him, but the market wont let me, so i have to set 0.11 also and just wait. on the other example , one guy is selling a hell lamp for 2.48, and i cant buy it because the maximum i can bet is 2.42 ! , but i dont want to wait, i want to buy it now cash for 2.48!? why is this happening ? dont you think the coin is losing value because of this? i have the coin and i still must wait because the market sux. Also, why i cannot offer an item for my desired price since there is nobody else selling the exact item ? having low selling offers must mean the item is rare to find, that means its price should go up. make the market FREE ... 



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