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Questions to the developers 2021

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This thread is designed to collect questions from players and post responses from developers. A selection of answers to the most interesting and relevant questions will be published as soon as it is ready.

We read all the questions, but we cannot promise that we will answer everything. 

  • Most questions can be answered by searching. Please do not ignore this option and before asking a question, be sure to check what was written on the forum about this. Perhaps a whole developer blog was devoted to your question.
  • It is extremely likely that within the framework of this format we will not announce the content of future updates or discuss previously raised topics. All plans are announced in developer blogs.
  • Even if you did not see your question in the list of answers, it does not mean that it was ignored. Each question is taken into account and discussed by the developers.

Otherwise: clearly formulate the thought and try to ask substantial questions: 

  • If your question is not a question, but a suggestion, please post it in the appropriate section .
  • Bug reports are posted in a special section .
  • The question should be asked a respectful, correct and understandable English language.
  • Economic issues are not commented.
  • Question spam (both within one post or several) is prohibited.
  • Do not forget that you can also ask questions you are interested in on Twitter, by putting @Crossout_Eng before the question.

Good luck!

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We invite you to check out the selection of the latest questions and the answers to them (the spelling of the authors of the questions has been preserved).

Question: Please explain why you can take AI as a partner\opponent in “Custom battle” mode, but not in “race” mode? Or simply enter the race alone? Why, in the absence of the required number of online players, is it impossible to add bots to the race, or enter the race with an incomplete squad? In particular, this is extremely relevant for Rocky Track-> Hovers Only.

Answer: Hello! The AI is not configured for the “race” mode and we don’t see much need to change this configuration at the moment. We are aware of the problem with races on hovers and are working on a solution.

Question: When will the dominance of the “cockpit-leviathans” end in clan wars with leviathans? With the introduction of the weapons restriction, they only became stronger, because the restriction weakened the Leviathans without this cabin

Answer: Hello, currently we are discussing possible changes for this cabin, they will probably affect the accelerator bonus.

Question: Are there any plans to introduce atypical design parts of 1 pin, 3 pins, rounded ones, etc.?

Answer: Hello! We are aware of such suggestions and have acknowledged several of them. Such parts are likely to appear in the game, but not in the near future.

Question: Each build should have an equal advantage over another build. Isn’t the fact that on the “clean island” map the hovers can fly over the toxic area without any damage (and the rest of the chassis can not) considered to be a balance issue?

Answer: Hello, each chassis has its pros and cons. We don’t think that the ability to float gives a strong advantage to vehicles with hovers on this map. They can be lured out through the capture of the base or destroyed right there.

Question: When will it be possible to enter the game in gfn.ru through Steam?

Answer: Hello! All questions about the work of the GFN service should be forwarded to their technical support, we have nothing to do with it.

Question: What kind of a feature has appeared for “Kapkan”? Before he hooked you and pulled you to the trap, now he holds you in place, as if you are glued to a certain spot

Answer: Hello, this is a bug and we are working on fixing it.

Question: Why can’t the hovers be seen in the invisibility mode? I mean, so that the dust under the hovers can be seen at the same distance as the wheel tracks are visible.

Answer: Hello, technically the dust from hovers is not designed like the tracks from the wheels, but we will discuss this possibility and, if there are no problems, we will implement it into the game.

Question: Hello. I saw a background banner (Volunteering) with blue roses (Rewarded to volunteers for their service). How can you get it, what does a “volunteer” mean, how to become one and what needs to be done?

Answer: Hello, a volunteer is a player who provides special assistance to the game. They are moderators and super-testers, whom you can join by submitting an application through the specific form, which is published at the time of recruitment. There are other types of volunteers as well. You can join them by showing skills that can benefit the game, everything depends only on you, there are no strict criteria.

Question: Have you thought about transferring the “Wrath of Khan” PvE map to the PvP segment? I think it’ll be good for PvP

Answer: Hello, the map was initially created for PvE, and we believe that it is not suitable for PvP, even if, at first glance, it may seem different. PvP battles have their own specific parameters and require a different approach to map design for a balanced gameplay.

Question: When will the “Ships graveyard”, "Fortress" and “Old town” maps be returned?

Answer: Hello, these maps should not be expected to appear in the next update, but we are working on them. The maps need various improvements, which take a lot of time. In addition, don’t forget about other tasks, like adding new maps that you can expect in the near future.

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