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CC-18 Typhoon Perk Description Incorrect

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw The CC-18 Typhoon perk description states "Hitting an enemy reduces its reload speed and weapon cooling time by 40% for 4 sec.". However, in combat the Typhoon actually increases the time it takes the hit enemy's heat-based weapons to cool by reducing their cooling rate, the opposite meaning of reducing "cooling time" as it is currently written.

The perk when is also unclear on what exactly the word "its" refers to. The perk could be read literally as the Typhoon increasing its own reload speed by 40%.
What you expected to see I suggest changing the CC-18 Typhoon perk description to mention "cooling rate" instead (weapon Cooler modules refer to their bonus as "cooling rate" and not "cooling speed"), as the cooling rate of weapons is what the perk is actually increasing by 40%. The word "its" should also be changed to "their" for clarity that the word is referring to weapons used by the enemy hit by the Typhoon and not the Typhoon itself.

The perk would then state "Hitting an enemy reduces their reload speed and weapon cooling rate by 40% for 4 sec."

I also suggest an alternative version "Hitting an enemy reduces their weapon reload speed and cooling rate by 40% for 4 sec." that is technically more grammatically correct as "weapon" refers to both "reload speed" and "cooling rate" so should be placed before both.
Conditions in which error reproduce Reading the CC-18 Typhoon perk description.
Problem details  
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  


Screenshot 2021-01-24 014834.png

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What do you mean this isn't a bug report?  I'm posting in the forum section meant specifically for topics about ingame text that is translated incorrectly.  Also it appears you aren't a moderator or staff member, why are you trying to play their job?

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