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[Development blog] Syndicate. New parts of the future faction. Part 1


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7 hours ago, oDARKSAIYANo said:

Does anyone know the exact date of this release?

someone said there is a car pack that will be removed so this new one will come in with the update but i don't know when , you need to look all car packs in the game 

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I have an issue with the snowfall rocketlauncher. It has the same problem as the Mastodon in the beginning. You know while charging the shot and the weapon gets blocked by a part, the volley gets lost and needs a full reload. Could you please fix this? Because i really enjoy these thingys! 

And im looking forward to the new faction sounds awesome to me. Have a good one

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1 hour ago, Antazaris said:

Hey guys, people say rip KTM because of favorite change, what change is that?

Perk changed from resetting heat, to locking it where it is for 3s. No more firing forever.

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